Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The problem with having led a peripatetic life in your childhood, is the occasional desire to take a peek at places and people you've left behind. It is a strange feeling to see words and names and phrases that were once part of your daily lingo now pop out of the page like vaguely familiar ghosts.

So every few months, I find myself parked on some obscure web-site such as The Bangkok Post. Back when I was a budding computer geek in the Land of Smiles, I would devour every square inch of the Wednesday supplement called Post Database. My dad did not mind either, in fact, he'd courier me a whole stack of Post Database prints when I moved into the computationally deficient heartland of India some years later to further my education.

Compared to the efforts I seem to have put in, I seem to have retained comparatively very little knowledge. I have a theory (read excuse) to explain that too, but that is another story.

To cut a long story short, this story grabbed my attention this time 'round, and finds its way into this blog.

I hope someone up there in the chain of command of the Indian Telecom Ministry has this at the back of their minds. Much of the terrestrial lines that Indian telecos have laid will be redundant once WiMax networks start popping up. Though god knows how these network specifications will deal with the inherent security issues that wireless has.