Saturday, February 25, 2006

tales-from-the-crypt dept.

Ambhi was really bored. It was his second day at work.

A meeting in the morning had petered out into nonsensical yawnings, and slashdot didn't have anything interesting either. There was no email. Oh, yeah, there was one from someone called Hanson Obuya, who was apparently, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Godwanaland.

Obuya had an interesting offer. Only, it wasn't so interesting.

Ambhi had wondered aloud what the per capita income and GDP of Godwanaland was, and had googled for it.

He was startled to learn that the economy was not all that hot in the Mesozoic Era.

Meticulously, he stared at the screen. Then with his left hand, brushed somebody's wafer crumbs from his desk and considered his next move.

Might as well start a blog, he thought.
Or I could fetch another biscuit.
The coffee-vending machine?
Thats a tough one.
Lets do this blog thingy.

He headed over to, and registered.

He called it "Space Debris"***.

Subtitled it, "A Random, Virtual EVA into the nothingness of reality.".

His handle: "CaptainStarbucks".

Journal Entry 1, Stardate 22-02-2006 0930hrs

The computer failed yesterday. All systems are on manual control. I just ejected the hibernating crew.

I am all alone.

Journal Entry 2, Stardate 22-02-2006 1130hrs

I am still alone.

Journal Entry 3, Stardate 22-02-2006 1230hrs

My space suit is deflating. The cabin pressure is suspect.
I think an alien life-form is onboard this ship.

Journal Entry 3, Stardate 22-02-2006 1245hrs

False alarm for #1. It was my incontinence.
#2 still under investigation.

Journal Entry 4, Stardate 22-02-2006 1300hrs

Alien sighted. To do: Rendezvous with alien at 1400hrs, post-lunch.

Journal Entry 5, Stardate 22-02-2006 1500hrs

Rendezvous with Alien completed. Mission success depends on us getting along well.
Alien has long hands and huddles conspiratorially, talks in a low voice in an empty room.
Perhaps this is a cultural thing.
Who cares?

Journal Entry 6, Stardate 22-02-2006 1545hrs

An Alien Away Team has docked with the ship. Alien has friends.
They all look the same. Their language sounds like bird-warbling.
They don't talk much, except two who are really noisy.
When I say anything, they look at each other and then do some hushed warbling.

Journal Entry 7, Stardate 22-02-2006 1800hrs

Aliens have retreated to their mother ship.
Although we gesture, I do not yet comprehend their intentions.
I have christened their planet Gondwana.
This makes them, Gondwanians. Perhaps Gondwaners might be better.
The ship has been programmed with coordinates for the next few hours.
Time for some rest.

Sign out.

*** Before settling on Space Debris, Ambhi also considered the following blog titles:
My 2 Cents, Inconsequential Warblings, Random Ruminations, Flotsam and Jetsam, Wandering Warbler, Alien Interloper.