Saturday, August 20, 2005

alone-in-office-on-a-bleedin'-saturday dept.

It is deathly silent here
Silent as a lonely grave
Quiet as the still, watchful waters
That stealthily but surely tread

Black, grey, stoic, surrounding walls?
Guards beneath a deceptive veil
The cold, unceasing metallic hum --
No warm footfall -- whispers "all is well"

It is deathly silent here
No voice to break the music dead
No living laughing working now:
A cold, penetrating, eternal haze
jargon dept.

AJAX or Asynchronous Javascript And XML.

The application coding technique that products like Gmail use, where the application is written in browser-independent Javascript, and communicates with a server back-end using XML/SOAP based transports.

The essay by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path that coined the term. Seems fairly recent, only beginning of this year.