Friday, July 22, 2005

पिरतीची कीरत dept.

पिरतीची कीरत समद्याहुनी लई न्यारी ।।

ही पिरत जडली रामाला, शीतेसाटी यडा परभू जाला ।
मग पुसं झाडापाखराला, कुनी दावा पिरत माझी प्यारी ।।

हीनं जनीला यडं क्येलं, हीनं नाम्याला घायळ क्येलं ।
हीनं तुक्याचं मन भारलं, सार्या सृष्टीत रमले नर-नारी ।।

अशी झळंबी कितीका बिजली, कितीकांची जीवजोत इजली ।
पर जीचावर मती हिची रिझली, त्यानं साधिल्या मुक्ती चारी ।।

पिरतीची कीरत समद्याहुनी लई न्यारी ।।

- कवी गिरीश.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

apple-on-a-roll dept.

A good game to play in the Bay Area these days is "count the iPods". Wherever there are pedestrians, count on atleast a few with those distinctive white wires sticking out of their shirts. The 'halo effect' of the iPod is now starting to reflect on Macintosh sales too, if this report is to be believed.

Apple is now the no.4 seller of personal computers in the US this quarter. (The ones ahead: Dell, HP and Gateway)

Their market share is now 4.5 percent, with a 33 percent rise in Mac shipments.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

damn-lies dept.
Take the MIT Weblog Survey
newkiller-power dept.

Is this goodbye to three-hour blackouts?
i-want-my-iptv dept.

Damn. I need a bigger remote.
yankee-dawdles dept.

Those sluggish Yankees. India and China plan to steal a march on them again. Its bad to be in a position of being the only technology innovator in the world, with no way to deploy your own inventions for legacy reasons.

I wonder if this lesson applies to individual human life as well, hmmm?