Sunday, June 29, 2003

self-flagellation dept.

I envy my parents.
Not for their resigned manner or their unquestioned beliefs but for their experiences.
Unfortunately for me, they have made the world a better place for me to live in. They have taken away my divine right to experience pain, hardship, betrayal, corruption and all those other indian virtues of the last three decades that so dominated their lives.
I envy them for their misery, and for their struggle to unshackle themselves from the chains that bound them.
I live in a world gone insanely benign. My generation has so much time on their hands that the only problem they have is the most pathetic one - existential. No one I know, not even the most amazing crack scientist can live their life without exacting a heavy human toll. We go through life with apathy, flitting in and out of relationships, with metal jangling in our pockets, and boredom lighting our eyes. We are sexy in our indifference and sensual in our disinterestedness.
We simply are, without meaning, without purpose and without direction.
Pitiful, Accursed, us.

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