Monday, February 21, 2005

mac-and-me dept.

This piece is about my new Powerbook. Nerdy, you say? Well, balls to you then. I love it, and I'm shouting it out from the rooftops. A fine piece of engineering like a Mac is something to be cherished and something to motivate oneself to achieve after days of hard work.

Already, I hear whispers from people (Computer Engineers, mind you, not functional illiterates): "What is he going to do with a 17" powerbook?". Question is, what will I not do with it.

Millions of years ago men were monkeys and lived in trees. Some monkeys thought it would be good idea to live on the ground instead. Others said, "But Why? There's foliage here, and fruit, and we all live perfectly mediocre, meaningless lives. Why strive for more when there is enough less to go around?". Thankfully, the first group just shook their collective heads and went their way, did their thing, and well, the rest is history. Unfortunately, the first group hung on to their coat tails and we still see them around.

You know when you try to better yourself, and someone pops up and says, "But Why?" -- you now know where they're coming from.

Balls to them!

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