Thursday, February 02, 2006

nein-nein-nein dept.

I have observed that the best employees, i.e. individual contributors, are those who always say "No.". By always negating everything, they put the onus on their managers to come up with irrefutable logic and nail down the specifications for tasks, so that they would not get no for an answer.

Unfortunately, such people are also not the best people to get along with.

However if you're looking to start a product company, hire only these naysayers as programmers. Optimisitc kids with stars in their eyes will overcommit themselves and be the bane of your scheduling endeavors.


The Shaolin said...

Well Anshuman, while what you are saying is absolutely true, to start a product company, you *do* need some optimistic kids!
What you have to achieve is a good balance between both the species!

kevinjackson4849272437 said...

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The Shaolin said...

> Read your comment on my blog, thanks for reading.
Oh, come'on! I should say 'thanks for writing' and 'thanks for replying' :-)
It's fun to read your blogs. You have express your views *very* well!

> I was being sarcastic :-).
> What I wanted to say between the lines is that people who are not
> inquisitive by nature do not create anything. :)
> I think you would agree.

Yeah, I do agree! People lacking inquisitiveness just don't go beyond
certain level.

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