Thursday, June 14, 2007

another-poor-indian-grad-student dept.

After putting down people with graduate study plans for years, I am preparing to join their ranks. I am glad I never really lost my way irretrievably in the maze of temptations that jobs can be. There is nothing more empowering that education. A job can provide this, but I had felt a bit stagnant, lost, mentorless for a few years now. I think a new environment is the only cure for this malaise, and no better place than a decent US graduate school.

I am putting these thoughts down as a personal amusement, really, to see how much I agree/disagree with them a few years down the line.


The Shaolin said...

Hey Wolfie... err.. Anshuman...
That is, if I'm to believe the date of this post, you are going for Fall 2007! Which univ, what field???
Too many questions. Eager to hear back... do reply!

W0lf said...

Johns Hopkins, Fall 07, Field will be something software-related ;-) (I'm going for breadth, not depth).

P said...

one small question anshuman.., what inspired you to go back to education, the company or inspite the company?

Tushar Thole said...

All the best for the new innings:)

W0lf said...


Naah, its more of a personal thing. I just think that computer technology is at an inflection point right now and I just need a good perch from where to observe where things are going for a bit.

There are multiple things that will change the nature of software products and design coming in the next few years that someone sitting in the trenches may not be in a position to 'grok' or exploit those radical paradigm shifts :-).

I just don't want to be a mute observer to momentous things when they happen.