Monday, February 23, 2009

mere-paas-oscar-hai dept.

Rehman chose to snub Big B very smartly, using the "Mere paas maa hai" line in his acceptance speech.
Killing them softly, indeed!!!
For the record, I liked Slumdog Millionaire.
People who disagree are invited to debate it out on chat with me, mano a mano.
One of us will leave the conversation having changed their mind.


old_friend said...

slumdog is good but it would have been good if rahman would have got it for say music from taal, bombay or some of his amazing ones, not this ok ok stuff which is more hyped then others..

anyways i guess yes slumdog does depicts some true parts of india with greater details.. my exp atleast had showed few glimpses of this life and you cant actually move away from it so easily..

W0lf said...

The music fits the film well, and I suppose there are more limitations in scoring background music compared to scoring film songs.

I particularly liked this piece called "Liquid Dance" on the soundtrack.

There's no doubt he has done better work. bBut that work was not part of an Oscar contender, unfortunately.

The film really resembled a Dickens novel -- It was a lot like Oliver Twist or David Copperfield. If you compare it with Danny Boyle's other films, its most like trainspotting, which was another brilliant film.

rumplestiltskin said...

Sigh! should I take the bait?

SM, IMHO, is made for a certain audience. I think you'll like White Tiger and Kite Runner too if you are part of that group. But for some people all that melodrama and feel-good factor was not a new thing. We grew up on all that stuff.. slums.. police brutality.. chilhood love.. communal violence.. song'n'dance.. and happy endings.

It is a well made movie but it was not made for me. Just like all Karan Johar movies. KJo makes it for NRIs and DB made it for the west.

I dont think SM will be remembered as a classic.. like "Remains of the day" ;)

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