Friday, April 11, 2003

dying-is-easy-comedy-is-hard dept.

OK, I think I've got a hang of things now...need to think of a better template for the site. Also need to think of unified themes. Note the title scheme, shamelessly lifted from MAD Magazine (with a thousand apologies to Alfred E.Neumann). Will think up more as time goes on, and I'll try to keep it funny.
I wonder what kind of people write a blog. The kind that want to turn the insides of their brains over for display? Never knew I was a closet exhibitionist (hmmm...there's a new oxymoron).
Well, i've been doing the rounds of blogs at, and here are some other blogger virtues I have detected:

  • Extraordinary self-conceit

  • No responsibilities

  • No accountability

  • Loads of time, and no idea of how to spend it

Oh God...this can mean only one thing...Help, I'm turning into a woman!!!

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